Thursday, April 17, 2008

i want to update more often, but...

being fat takes a lot of my time lately.

life has been full of skinny days and fat days. every day in which i drink enough water, i can eat next to nothing. every day that i don't drink enough water... bad news. i am fat. tada! not much new.

my goal weights need to be rearranged again. i just want to be thin by the time i get to europe in july. once school is out, i can start training 14 hours per week again and life will be lovely.

my ex is coming to visit on friday, so i'm kind of freaking out about how much i've ballooned. he's said really mean things about his ex girlfriends before ("*** came to visit the other day and she was HUGE!"). I don't want that. I wish knew what I wanted though. I guess we'll see. I haven't seen him since fucking November, so who knows what will happen.

school is eating my life. and i am eating too much. tomorrow is for lots of water, more diet pills, and way less food than today. no more snacking at my friend's house. no more beer (just liquor). ugh. fat fat fat.

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Juliet said...

Nice to Know about you again...
Great thinspo as always!!

Go on!