Monday, March 30, 2009

it's working... finally

hooray for the real girl thinspo, because it's proof that we can do it too.

finally, i am seeing results of all this torture. my thighs touch less than they used to. i can finally just wear tights and shorts at training. people notice that i'm thinner and i fucking love it. running has been so good for my decreasing size. i've been plagued by various painful injuries and i found that running didn't mess with those, so when i was out of commission for training for a few weeks, i was able to cope by running a bunch. also, ripped fuel is my new best friend. cheap and effective diet pill. i take it as directed and bam, not hungry. i'm definitely eating fewer calories than i burn these days, so that's a good feeling too. it's like i'm finally back in control. because that's what this battle is all about for me. i can control myself and my weight. i want to push myself to the limits of lightness and it's working now, finally.

also, water. drink lots and lots and lots of water. i find that if i'm hungry, i might just be thirsty, so i drink a big glass of water before i even consider food.
enjoy the thinspo, my skinnies! stay strong and think thin!