Friday, March 06, 2009

halting a binge

ugh. at least all i ate was veggie and some coconut shavings. but it's still too much. i have to work out so hard tomorrow. dammit. i felt so fat and weak at dance today. i couldn't hold on as well (sorry, trying to limit detail due to the nature of this blog). sad face. i will do so many situps tomorrow, and pullups and definitely a 30 minute treadmill stint. it has to happen. i need to spend a fucking hour every day in the gym even if it's a training day. i should be stronger. i should be way thinner. and i only have a month to fit into those size 4 pants again. ack. i'm taking way more pills tomorrow. i want to be too twitching to eat. at least i wore my ankle weights all day outside of training. every move costs more calories. i like that. i have to do it tomorrow to due to my failings tonight. this blog is such a great binge killer. i can't eat if both hands are on the keyboard. enjoy the thinspo.

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Anonymous said...

You can do it. Eat only 300 kcal an work out for two hours evry day. Thats what I do and i think it works. And I barf when i binge . :)