Sunday, July 22, 2007

europe... the thinspo mecca... something to look forward to

sorry to all my skinnies out there but i'm going to be end up silent for another two or so weeks. keep checking back just in case, but i'm heading across the pond with my boyfriend who really frowns upon my participation in the pro-ana community. (read as "he doesn't know"). but on the upside, when i get back i can write about the beautifully thin people i saw overseas. maybe i'll even lose some weight.

recently, i've found that painting one's fingernails will make eating very difficult, as one cannot pick anything up without botching your polish. i've got a long day of preparation ahead of me and my abs are so sore that it's really pretty hard to eat anything without feeling stuffed after the first bite.

have a good .... howeverlong until i back. stay strong and think thin!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

so i didn't do that one right

i think i gained two pounds on that diet. so i quit it. this morning. i'm eating pears for breakfast. in extra light syrup. i guess it's back to good old restricting. maybe my body will be shocked enough by all the weird shit that i've been doing to it. maybe the weight will just melt off overnight. this morning found me at my all time high for the past two years. 128.8. i want to cry. i though 127.6 was bad. fucking goddammit. i hate this body. i want my thin days back.