Tuesday, July 17, 2007

and it's a sad sad world

when a girl would break a boy, just because she can...

fuck. i am such a bad person. i just broke a boy's heart today, i think. at least he's not my boyfriend. i had to sacrifice a new friendship for the sake of my current relationship. never act on your crushes. it's a bad fucking idea. i was finally torn up enough to flip out and demand my space (from the crush).

as for day 1 on the kekwick diet...
i think i did okay. i'm worried that my nut butter has too much sugar and not enough fat though. i don't think i'm going to use any of that tomorrow. i didn't really have hunger issues today, so that's good. i think i ate too much though. slightly over 1000 calories total. i'm thinking about choosing a food and eating on that for each day. like tomorrow, i could eat only champignon, the next avocado, and the next day tuna/mayo. guh. it sounds fucking gluttonous, but it's supposed to work. i'm so going to the gym tomorrow though, for like as long as i can stand. i've got nothing else to do.

the other worry i have about this diet involves booze. it's all carbs, isn't it? i can certainly get by without drinking, but that's gonna put a damper on my social time for damn sure. i guess living in ketosis is going to cramp my style just as much though. it makes you smell bad. here's to hoping i pull this off. whee for day 2.

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