Thursday, July 12, 2007

not good, not bad, still fat

so my 300 calorie day turned into about 500. that's not so bad. a lot of those were balanced by negative calorie meals like mushrooms and bok choy (steamed, nothing but salted). tomorrow is for the gym, even if i fucking faint on the machine, i am running for an hour. i'm going to try a little mix and match with the diet pills too, taking one NV in the morning, then a Nano Slim, and then another NV before dinner. the heat wave is so helpful in keeping my appetite, but it's also keeping me out of the gym. at least i get to sleep in tomorrow, now that all of my medical issues have been handled.

i just have to lose at least one size before i go on the best vacation ever! mediterranean here i come! i have to look less like a whale in my bikini. that's all i ask. here's the big thinspo post i've owed you all for a bit. i hope some are pretty original. some deep mining of fashion photographers happened to yield some real winners.

alas, it's damn near five am now as i'm soon to be asleep on the keyboard. look forward to the next round, sometime tomorrow, as well as a diet and exercise update.

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