Wednesday, November 21, 2007

raging crushes; ever so fat

hmmm. blogger is being weird and cutting out some of my pictures. lame.

so gossip dishing is a must. i have the biggest, fattest, dorkiest crush on one of the bouncers from the club that i work at. he's really nice... but really really tall. also very cute and apparently into me. i'm kind of obsessing right now. i gave him my number and he hasn't called me yet. i know i'll see him when i go to work on saturday, but dammit, i want to see him sooner. he is virtually unfindable online, so all of my stalking efforts are nil. getting to know someone is so much easier if they exist online. you can read their profile, look at their pictures, and know them by the time you see them a second time. dammit. i just want another one of his hugs. did i mention i'm going to see my b/f next week? i'm so bad.