Tuesday, November 06, 2007

zero support, uber fat

so i passed a really important exam this week. my boyfriend didn't congratulate me. he told me not to dump him for no reason during my senior year instead. he told that all i had to look forward to now was going insane during my senior year. that is not fucking supportive. the words "congratulations" or "i'm proud of you" did not escape his lips until i he maybe noticed that i was crying. fuck that. he is such an asshole sometimes. zero support from him, when all the rest of my friends are saying good job.

i'm really quite offended. alas, i actually went to the gym today and worked out. i'll do it tomorrow too, assuming i get sufficient sleep tonight. i have so much work to do this week and weekend that it's not even funny.i also screwed myself out a chance to work this weekend. fucking lame. i made so much money last weekend; i really wanted to see if i could repeat that performance.

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