Friday, February 29, 2008

my body is punishing me

today i ate (in no particular order):
1C GoLean Cereal with 1/2 almond milk, unsweetened
10 freeze dried snap peass
1C cous cous
1 vegan burrito (small size)
1 luna bar
1 slice carrot cake
1 shrimp and surimi salad from trader joe's, 1/4 of provided dressing
1 8 piece dragon roll

and now my body is all bloatie and gassy because that is WAY more food that i tend to eat in a day. my body knows my period is closing in. dammitall. every time i ate, except breakfast, i was hungry too. that's gross. i'm going to start using my appetite killer spray again. yum chromium, hoodia, and mostly absent mint flavor.


i'm mostly happy with life today. i'm not that fat. i got a really awesome two-day job that's paying lots of money. i'm going to see Cirque du Soleil tomorrow. i got almost enough homework done to make my saturday plans not seem frivolous (it is work, afterall... all 18 or so hours of it). sigh.

i'm going to bed now. right after i do some situps.