Sunday, December 30, 2007

well, i didn't eat that much today

as usual, some of these are NSFW, but come on. you're looking at a pro-ana site. it's all NSFW.

i'm sick and that sucks. but, since i can't taste anything, there's no real point in eating, is there? so far today i've had a handful of edamamme, some quacamole that i made from scratch (none of the mayo laden crap from the store), a few chips, and one dolma. not bad. i rode my bike today, but that was harder than usual, considering the illness part.

i'll probably end up going out and drinking away my calorie cutting. sigh. oh well. i won't feel how bad my cold is if i'm drunk... again. i have to work in the cold tomorrow night, but at least i get into the party for free. i will eat hardly anything tomorrow and dance away all the food failings of the week. that's how NYE works in my book.

everyone have a safe and skinny New Year's. Gorgeous drunk people don't drive themselves. Remember that. i might write one more post from 2007, but if not, i'll see you in 2008!