Wednesday, December 05, 2007

everything looks like a weapon

razors don't remind that i need to shave. i think "up, not across." scissors ache for my throat. my hunting knife begs me to give my pain to it. pencils to stab and poison. pills to swallow. bridges are places i shouldn't go today. i wanted to die. i can't eat, that's nice i guess. but it's just because i hardly hold my head up. i spent this morning in tears. i fell back asleep crying an hour or so ago. and i'm crying again now.

i don't understand today. at all. fuck. i hate this. so much.

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XhipbonesplzsavemeX said...

i've felt like that too. I wanted to die because i hate my body so much it's disgusting, all i see is fat everywhere. But you really aren't fat in my opinion i would kill to be your weight! but i have no right to say that you should'nt feel that way because i don't live your life. so pleasw feel bad just put all yout negative energy into your weightloss.