Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fatter than you

it just doesn't get better. i was doing so well and then i spent the weekend out, eating things, with my boyfriend. tomorrow, breakfast will be a handful of nuts with a side of diet pills and vitamins. then it's off to the gym, then practice, then maybe dancing, but maybe not. at least a really long walk. if i don't actually enter the club, i can at least walk home from there.

my LOW point this weekend was 124.6. oh gadz why? i bought a bunch low cal/negative cal groceries today, so maybe that will help me out a little bit. as long as i budget those well and stay far from home, i should be able to do this. i have no one to go eat with, no reason to eat period. also, i've been invited to walk for an indie runway show. on thursday. so at least, i won't be eating anything but tomatoes and sprouts until after that. fuck. that's only 24 hours. lame. fat. fat and lame.

but, now that my exciting weekend in showbiz is over, you all get your thinspo blogger back. hope the weekend treated you all well. stay strong. think thin.