Friday, May 18, 2007

needless to say

i'll be hitting the gym damn hard tomorrow. a friend came into town and we ended up at dinner and dammitall. it was all healthy, but fuck man. the boozing and drunk food the night before was just as terrible, but i've gotten plenty of exercise both days. tomorrow is for running another 9.5 miles on the eliptical and doing 400 more situps and some more pushups. then a few hours of practice and then it's friday night! who know what will happen... where i might go... what i might be tempted to eat... ugh. i'm doomed to be fat forever. at least i never eat when i'm typing or posting thinspo.

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J00kst3r said...

Augh, this reminds me...I need to update my photobucket...and my blogger...and just about everything else!

Fat forever... That's how I feel. Food is always on my mind it seems...