Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fatter than you

it just doesn't get better. i was doing so well and then i spent the weekend out, eating things, with my boyfriend. tomorrow, breakfast will be a handful of nuts with a side of diet pills and vitamins. then it's off to the gym, then practice, then maybe dancing, but maybe not. at least a really long walk. if i don't actually enter the club, i can at least walk home from there.

my LOW point this weekend was 124.6. oh gadz why? i bought a bunch low cal/negative cal groceries today, so maybe that will help me out a little bit. as long as i budget those well and stay far from home, i should be able to do this. i have no one to go eat with, no reason to eat period. also, i've been invited to walk for an indie runway show. on thursday. so at least, i won't be eating anything but tomatoes and sprouts until after that. fuck. that's only 24 hours. lame. fat. fat and lame.

but, now that my exciting weekend in showbiz is over, you all get your thinspo blogger back. hope the weekend treated you all well. stay strong. think thin.


Anonymous said...

hi i've been reading ur blog for awhile and one thing i have to say is that you have AMAZING THINSPO!! :D

anyway, i believe u can get back to ana. u just have to want it SO BADLY and do ANYTHING FOR HER.

i'm not ana, though. i'm a *embarrassed* full-fledged bulimic. i know, i know. i'm disgusting. :( but we do have one thing in common, don't we? and that's our fight against fat.

i've a blog too btw, it's i'll be linking u, if u dont mind. ;)

stay strong <3


havechanged said...


How are you doing? ....just stopping by...and also- I love how you have the pictures with the model on the runway version and then with the celebrity wearing it. It is rare that I ever see this!

Fatty fat fat fat said...

your site is amazing, i love all the thinspo you have found, I don't have to collect any of my own anymore, i can just look at yours!
looking forward to reading more!

ethel francoise VILLENEUVE said...

see my'd like it

ethel francoise VILLENEUVE said...

see my blog. you'd like it

Elegant Thinspo said...

hello, i've been reading your blog since some time (anonymously) and i wanted to say that i really like it. today i started my own thinspo blog, please have a look at it & maybe follow it, it'd be great to count you as one of my first watchers :)


Emma Louise Witting said...

Your latest blog entry, fuck. Story of my life.
I'm currently 123lbs, and struggling to get down to <100.

I keep bingeing :( I'm really struggling to control myself.

Anyway, thats why i started blogging on blogspot, so yeah. Fight the fat together rather than alone.

Anonymous said...

hello :)
first of all, this is my first day on blogspot so i havent really figured out how this works and stuff, i hope you dont mind.
anyway, i wanted to say that i love your thinspo and i wanted to let you know that youre not alone.
stay strong.

El said...

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I urge you to flag because she is the ringleader.

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rawr said...

Hi,this is my first day on here.I would also like to say that you're not alone either.For once I'm able to express myself freely and not feel all alone.I'm a MAJOR bulimic and it is a disgusting thing,but I hate how fat I am and I will do anything to lose weight.I was beautiful at once.I weighed 95 lbs. and I felt good about myself for once.Then my doctor made me go to a therapist and they made me fat again.Now I'm 123lbs. and disgusting.Please someone help me.

rawr said...

Hi!I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone the big journey to stop being fat and disgusting.I'm a MAJOR bulimic and it's been going on for about 2 years now.I was once past my goal weight 95lbs., but I was forced to go to a therapist and they made me fat again.So now I'm at a disgusting 123lbs.I hate myself and I always wonder why the hell my boyfriend wants me so much.Can somebody please help me?!