Tuesday, May 15, 2007

write it down

the gym is open for four more hours. i'll be there for about 2.5 if this all goes my way.

i woke up oddly sore and full of cough flavored goo *gross, yeah?*.
this is breakfast:
1 artificially sweetened peach cup (no sugar added, 50 cal or something silly!)
1 white cheddar rice cake 45 cal
1 diet sparks (no calories listed, i'm pretending they don't exist)
- alcohol has some sort of positive effect in the short term, so i'm gonna try that out. plus sparks is an energy drink. *** i've done this experiment before and i felt great! i had very little for breakfast and then i downed a beer at a rehearsal and walked to the gym. i felt so good and so thin afterwards. and not even hungry because i felt so accomplished!

planned workout:
bike 7min to gym
run for 65 minutes on eliptical
400 situps
30 pushups on the ball
5 sets of contortion stretching
(maybe) a few more sets of arm focused stuff
(maybe) run on the treadmill for 10 min.
25 min of devoted stretching
bike home

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J00kst3r said...

Wow, I might have to try this Sparks stuff...