Monday, May 07, 2007

the usual

not much for thinspo today darlings. i'm super dead. i'm writing at damn near 5am again. i need to sleep. finals are dumb.

i've said it a thousand times. i'll say it again. it was going so well and then.... same fucking story. i felt so thin today and then i fucked it all up.

here's the damage:
2pm: 1 cup granola
7pm:1/2 muffin w/ berries
8:30pm: (free food is so bad) 1C strawberries, 2 tbsp whipped cream
1/2 pesto pasta thingy
10pm:1 reduced fat crab salad (total, 200 or so calories)
2 large chunks of french bread with 2tbsp of hummus (total)

3am: 9 soy dumplings (small)

i am a huge fatass. all i did today was bike around. tomorrow is for the gym. and then studying in a place where no food is worth eating. all day. well, the day will likely start at around 3pm. but dammit. a girl has to sleep sometime. and when i'm sleeping, i'm not eating.

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