Sunday, May 13, 2007

making up for lost time

my boyfriend and my birthday were wonderful. there was only little tiff between us and even that got worked out. or at least ignored. i didn't overeat as much as i thought i would, but the booze calories and no chances for the gym or the bicycle screwed me over. i feel huge. hence the massive thinspo post. ugh. i feel huge. tomorrow, i don't have to eat. i have to get up early and go to graduation. there i will drink champagne and then go run errands. after the errands, i will go practice on the lawn because the gym isn't open til tuesday.

i really only have healthy food at home too now. i can get rid of the giant bread loaf and the dip that comes with it, but the rest is okay. look for updates. i've only got time on my hands.

thanks so much for all the comments, by the way.

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J00kst3r said...

I'm relieved, then! Just as long as you were happy. :3 Gorgeous thinspo, by the way. Thank you!