Tuesday, May 22, 2007

thinspo binge

i guess that's better than food. the shoot wasn't so fat looking. at least i get to go to the gym tomorrow. i was just so dead and tired today. it's fucking 5am again. tomorrow's gonna hurt. i've got to work out, so hard. i'm allowed booze and tomatoes and tunafish and pickles tomorrow. any other exceptions must be negative calorie veggies. i just feel like i've failed as an anorexic. it's like i recovered despite my greatest wishes. oh well. booze. coffee. veggies. cigarettes. and WATER. always with the water.

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J00kst3r said...

Seems like "fail"'s the word of the week. :( Not that it matters. I never really feel like I've succeeded. Thanks for the thinspo, by the way. I needed it. I'm a junior chaperone at a prom this weekend, and I HAVE to lose 8 lbs. Augh, if I were to become any ONE of those girls I think I'd never complain again.