Monday, November 12, 2012

I am dredging and mulling. I know what caused it. All this old bitterness came swarming up to the surface after last week. I'm overly conscious of my weight, which I believe is immense and whale like. Last week, I was talking to a person who worked in the same club that I used to feature at. And I asked them if it had gotten better, etc, and mentioned how I had gotten blacklisted for no reason, only to hear later that it was because I was too fat.  And the response was unexpected. "Well, Frank really doesn't like girth." Those words rattle around in my head, all day and all night. Validation, that I am in fact huge. And fat. Deserving of the word "girth". I feel ill.  This is making me angry. 

I was healthy for a while. That has to change. Back down the sick road we go.

So stay strong and think thin, lovelies. 500 situps. Go!