Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the rest

1/2C fake eggs
1/4 mid sized potato (vegan fried)
1/2 muffin

upon arriving home: 1 low cal tortilla with herb salad and hummus.

whatever. could be worse.

too tired. too sore. no gym today. lots of biking. lots of walking. lots of stressing. my brain is burning calories. i want to do more, and maybe i will tonight. but, for now, i'm waiting on laundry and doing the last studying for the entire summer.

and.....drumroll......i turn 21 at midnight wed/thurs. wheee! tomorrow, i get my hair dyed and pick up my presents to me. and i relax. oh god. the academic guilt will be lifted and i can breathe, stop pulling out my eyelashes, stop crying because i'm too tired and maybe like myself a little bit. especially if i don't eat... at all... tomorrow or the next day. i might drum up some more thinspo later too.

be strong, my skinnies!

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