Sunday, December 30, 2007

merry late christmas, happy early new year

here's to a skinnier 2008, my lovelies! keep reading in the new year for more uncharted thinspo and glimpses into my bizarre and disordered little life.

stay strong. think thin. and work a little harder, every single day. if i drop under 115 pounds in the new year, i'll actually put up photos of myself... labeled. on that note, if any diet pill has been massively successful for you, or any diet, please leave comments. i need your help as much as you like my thinspo collection.


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J00kst3r said...

My diet's low carb/high protein (essentially the "Curves" diet, with a lot more restriction involved. Lots of fish/egg substitute/protein shakes). I've had moderate success, but my binges are hideously counter-productive. With no binge and less than 50 carbs (per day), I typically lose around 3 lbs a week. Just too bad about the 3 day binge afterwards. Long story short, it'd work if I had half a gram of self control. I DO have a word of advice, though. Stay away from Alli unless you like living in the bathroom and changing pants often. I'm not even joking. :/