Monday, February 11, 2008

warning... wide load

i didn't get embarrassingly drunk this weekend. hurray. i ate very little yesterday. but today was absolute failure. i can't even detail the gluttony of today. normal people wouldn't call it a binge. but i call it epic failure. not even negative calories today. in one day, i ate an entire box of mac n' cheese. i think there were peas in it. i didn't do that much in the way of exercise, but i was productive. my brain burned calories so my life isn't totally ruined by today. but still i feel gross.

on a lighter note, all of my period bloat cleared up and my favorite jeans fit a little looser today. that makes me smile.

all of this training is putting muscles in weird places. i have muscles on top of my ribs now which is disconcerting. i'm used to judging my progress by how sharp my ribs feel through my skin, but now there are parts with muscle over the bone.

sleep is for soon. i have lots of training tomorrow. so i will feel less fat eventually.

stay strong my skinnies. think thin.

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