Tuesday, February 12, 2008

no ride = no gym

chubtastic as usual. i ate substantially better and less today. but the hardcore training did not happen due to lack of a ride. everyone is sick and i'm finally better. oh well. tomorrow i'll make up for it with ankle weights and a trip to the school gym. i will be massively productive tomorrow. lots of reading to be done. lots of errands to be run. maybe i'll go so far as to get out my bike to get around. that would make me feel better. nothing is going to put a hitch in wednesday's workout binge. hopefully friday will work out for me too. i've felt a lot stronger recently, which is pretty cool, despite feeling like a whale compared to some other people in my classes.

i'm making progress though. i can tell. my boobs are smaller again. this is a good sign. enjoy the thinspo lovelies. leave me comments to tell me how you're doing. eventually i'll get a more anonymous email for this blog so i can write back to you all. or i'll just start a response blog. that might be easier.

1 comment:

J00kst3r said...

Feelin' like a goddamned marshmallow. I'm just too soft. No bones, no angles, like a sack of rice pudding. ...Don't even WANT to know the numbers. On a lighter note, I've saved enough for a Bally's membership (would've blown it on trigger foods, otherwise). Perhaps I'll be seeing some actual progress now.

Take care, would'ja?