Wednesday, October 31, 2007

still fat, but doing better

cheers to my latest thinspo icon, Hania Barton, the skinnier, more fucked up, and arguably more attractive of the Barton sisters. i never watched the OC anyway.

breakfast: 7 baby carrots, 1 tsp of ranch
lunch: pile of negative calorie burrito fixings with no tortilla
snack: vegan cookie
dinner: steamed sting beans and broccoli, two small pieces of butternut squash
later snack: wheat/low carb tortilla w/ .5oz goat gouda, 4 strawberries

i biked to and from school and did my pilates today. not enough, but it's getting closer/better. i've been too tired and/or too busy to work out. my diet pills really work... i just have to remember to fucking take them.

sigh. one of my favorite sweaters has disappeared. i have to fit into my skinnier jeans better before i can buy a new one. dammitall.

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J00kst3r said...

Just here to say hello~ Hah, I'm still fat too. :/ But, thanks for the images as always!