Thursday, October 04, 2007

i am the walrus

i have too much work to get to the gym and still stay on top of it. this sucks. i'm just getting fatter and fatter. some days i feel like i lost, some i don't. i just ordered a new round of diet pills. we'll have to see if they make a difference. supposedly, the appetite surpressant cocktail in this one actually works, and isn't too speedy. i'm trying to get hydrated again too. i think one of issues really is not drinking enough water, so whatever goes into me sticks and puffs me up. i'm almost done with my second liter of the day. not that bad i guess. but i'm still huge.

oh yeah. sidenote: has a really good post up with three different dove "real beauty" ads. yeah she's militantly anti-pro-ana, but the stuff she posts is at least a reminder that there is a way out should we ever choose to want it.

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