Saturday, October 06, 2007

uh oh, fashion show

i start my RemediLean pills tomorrow. they have some new innovative cocktail to keep me happy and not hungry. we'll see. i really have to lose weight again. and a lot more than i had even considered. why? i'm in a fashion show in december. eek. i need to lose so much weight in two months. tomorrow it's back to the gym. hopefully running at the gym after the "flying" lesson (sorry, gotta speak in code here). then i have to do tons of work at home. maybe i'll venture out very late at night, but maybe not. i have plans for major sleep and major paper writing for tomorrow and not much else. friends? what are those again?

enjoy the thinspo. especially the pictures of a somewhat lardy gemma ward.

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concerned and baffled said...

Quick question: do you honestly think Gemma Ward is "somewhat lardy"? She's very, very slim. Seriously.