Tuesday, October 23, 2007

size 27 joes jeans, no muffin top

back again from the land of vacation. massive school stress and all the motivation in the world to keep dropping pounds. my abs are getting a little more tone on them, but my shitty three days of intensive travel and work have thrown off my pilates and aerial training schedules. ack. drinking water. eating wakame soup. so good! and only 60 calories per serving. it's served warm so you get full and it's full of seaweed which entirely good for you. w00t!

i have hardcore college things to do this week, so hopefully the stress combined with new diet pills (which are awesome... I can feel my appetite shrivel up and die!) will keep me on the straight and narrow *pun intended*. Go to the gym. Write the paper. Go to the gym, do the reading... etc. I have to drop two sizes before Dec. 8. That's getting WAY too close for comfort. So much hard work ahead. sigh. i gotta go refill the nalgene. enjoy the thinspo!


John Michael Tara Shay and Echo Delilah said...

a real woman is comfortable in her own skin.

M. A. Rohan Benjamin said...

I Enjoyed your Blog

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