Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my halloween costume fits; huge fashion post

yep. i bought it. in a size small. i am so sickeningly pro-ana these days that i don't care. i want that tiny dress to hang off of my bones one day. and i am happy with it. someone, i'm sure will get quite angry with me over it. if i took the badge off it, it wouldn't be nearly so offensive... but that's just not as fun. just wearing that could start flame-war on LJ... and i'm not even a member!

food account for the day (in order mostly):
breakfast: apple
lunch: vegetarian burrito with extra hot sauce and jalapenos, no rice, no tortilla, fat free sour cream (read as "half a normal burrito in a heap on a plate with nothing to hold it together)
after school meal: shrimp and surimi salad, 1tbsp dressing (non dairy) and 1 nonfat greek yogurt (4oz)
later: miso soup with noodles

snacks: 6 newmanOs and two pieces of cheese curd

i am such a fatass. but at least my Anna costume fits. that makes me happy. i have soooo much work to get done, it's kind of scary. gonna get back to it and then sleep.

enjoy the mega fashion thinspo binge!

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