Wednesday, July 18, 2007

day 2= not bad

i'm still in ketosis. that means my body is burning fat. i'm just trying not to cancel it out with how much i eat. i worked out a lot today though, so that should help. my energy was really low though, so half an hour of running and another half hour of calisthenics was enough for me. i had about an hour total on my bike too, so that should have helped a little. the way i'm sleeping tells me that my body is burning away at itself too.

i think tomorrow i'll try to restrict a little more. i'll just make a big batch of tuna and eat only that. yumm. tuna.

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Anonymous said...

i lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks by switching to a vegan diet wherein i ate LOTS of leafy green vegetables, as well as whole fruits, not canned processed fruit with loads of artificial crap. you're going to reach your ideal weight by having a daily negative calorie intake, but also meeting your nutritional needs. the calorie content in real vegetables is nil, and yet you'll still feed your body with the right vitamins and minerals you need. ditch the tuna and mayo and stop eating processed food.

i'm not trying to be a bitch. i'm not. i just don't want people to be in constant self-loathing, unable to reach their goals because of fad diets. if you like your self-loathing, as your front page says, continue dwelling in it. you will die starving yourself of the health your body craves. plus, consider a method that will help you lose weight and preserve your health.