Friday, July 13, 2007

i actually didn't fail too hard today

according to fitday, i ate almost exactly 1000 calories and burned (total) 3813 calories today. tomorrow is for doing very little because i can't get to the gym and i have a hair appointment (the long kind too). exercise will have to come from working really hard in the studio and then dancing really hard all night. hopefully, that will work out. luckily, it's also a 300 calorie day. i can totally swing that. whew. the more i think about it, the more i really want to start this Kekwick diet. the weightloss is supposed to be so dramatic that it's dangerous for everyone but the truly obese. the menu for it is so tolerable that it seems to good to be true, and i'm not starving (that makes me kinda uncomfortable) for the whole time. the only hitch to that part is that i have to go to my mom's house soon. living solely on 55 macadamia nuts or tunafish and avocado per day is very odd. that will be one awkward grocery trip. uck. i wish she could just come down here instead.

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