Saturday, March 21, 2009

back in the swing of things

The back injury seems to finally be disappearing. I managed to work out yesterday and today. I've been eating maybe too much (i.e. breaking almost even on burned in excercise vs. consumed in food), but my calorie intake so irregular every day that my body doesn't really know what to hang on to. been eating like the french, tiny portions at frequent intervals. got back into drinking lots of water.

I have fit into three different pairs of jeans that have no fit in the last year. That was awesome. May that trend continue until I can wear the expensive ones again. I'm almost out of my liquid fusion diet pills and will soon switch over to ripped fuel. I like ripped fuel for a few reasons. It doesn't let food stay in me too long before an uncomfortable exit is demanded, so I eat less to avoid the gut explosion. In combination with Red Bull, you're just too spun to eat. Since they took ephedra out of the pills though, I'm not sure that effect will stick around. Those pills really do kick one's metabolism in the ass. Good for being skinny.

As far as thinspo goes, I found an age old repository hidden in some folder on my computer, so i have tons! Expect some unknown models and more real-girls to drift back into the selection. Feel free, always, to nab pictures for your own thinspo collection from here. Much love to my skinnies!

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