Wednesday, June 25, 2008

up too late

i even managed to dredge some old real photos i've been hoarding. ugh. so fat this week. blog below.

food today: no particular order
1 egg, fried over mushroom and chive and onion
3 small pieces of cheese wrapped up in lettuce
1C white rice w/ tuna mushroom red curry (super spicy)
1 flour tortilla, 2 pieces of cheese
1 banana
1 unit of junk food (super bad/fatty) i suck

i failed at situps last night. so i'm doing 100 tonight, despite the agony that my body is in. i failed at getting a bike today, but i did a bunch of walking and had a pretty intense rehearsal.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're pretty. I don't see how on earth you're fat. I'm 5'11 male, 155 and can bench about 160 and 14 yrs, so I'm the one in shitty condition. Just love yourself msn: email: