Monday, September 08, 2008

i'm still here, just really busy

sorry for the absence, my dears. i've been hopping around the world for a while, not getting any thinner. now i'm back for my last semester of school and trying really hard to eat way less. i'll have thinspo up in a day or two with more commentary on how fat i am. sigh. until then, no i'm not dead. no i'm not in recovery. yes i still read your comments. yes i still care. love love love. stay strong. think thin.


AnaMiaS-I said...

Your blog caught my eye, and got me interested in this Blogspot thing. You're totally welcome to check my blog...I, too, am busy, and I've been kinda under the weather... but, I can relate to your posts, enjoyed the pix, and would like to hear how you've been doing- on your "quest" (same as mine)!
L8er on!
a.k.a. AnaMiaS-I

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is violentfailure. I haven't been on in a long time, and though I haven't officially announced that I'm 'back', because I still consider myself 'not back', but yeah. Anyway. I thought I'd come by and see how you're doing - seems that you took a bit of a break like myself. Good to see you're still around, and that you're planning on posting soon. ♥

Soph said...

Hi darling.

I cant get enough of your blog!
Stay strong, we can get there sweetie.

We can do it and show everyone we can.


*Broken* said...

I´m glad you´re fine. If it´s any consolation I´m reaaaally fat.
Don´t know if i ever posted here, but i adore your thispo.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please come back.

I need you.

Things are getting harder.