Friday, January 23, 2009

the chubs

i think i'm finally getting thinner again. training 4 or five days every week is definitely helping with days at the gym during off days for training. i have muscle definition. the 2 in the six pack i used to have are back. things hang looser. i've been hovering around 1000-1200 calories on every training day. at this rate, i might be thin again by graduation. that would rock. i fit into an old (huge when i was skinny) jeans while wearing long johns. that was rewarding.

and i have a new round of training at ass early in the morning tomorrow... but i'm still going out anyway.

since i train so often, i actually have to eat, so i've found ways to make really awesome, nearly negative calorie meals. i think the last thing i made even qualified as vegan. i just hate consuming protein because it adds so many calories to an otherwise harmless salad or dish. alas. it keeps my muscles from hurting as much as they would without it... since they hurt all the time anyway. grrr.


Little Miss Sunshine.- said...

1000-1200 calories on every training day?
Tell me your secret please.
Kisses ^.^

Bones said...

Hey there :)
I've just read a few of your entries and I got to tell you I love your blog. I'd like to keep reading your stuff so I'll add your blog to my list.
By the way, I'm sorry for my English. I'm Spanish and I'm taking English lessons but I'm still a little bad at it.
About that training routine... How can you burn so many calories? I mean, that's amazing.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

This website is HILARIOUS! I love it, seriously. Keep posting. It satisfies my morbid curiosity.