Sunday, January 04, 2009

fruitcake will be the death of me

I have to reply to a comment and make a general message:
*Broken*: don't take straight caffeine pills. They will just make you feel speedy and sick. Take a fat burner with some herbal proprietary mix in too. It takes more than caffeine to help your metabolism. I'd recommend Ripped Fuel or Fireball Liquid Fusion (these are kind of scary at first. Way way lots of caffeine plus a bunch of other metabolic uppers)

Straight caffeine sucks. It has made me so sick in the past. I used to take like four (800mg) to see what happened. It's about like drinking 4 cups of coffee in under a minute. It sucks. My guts felt like they were tying themselves in knots and I hurled so hard. Just don't do it.

And fruitcake is evil. It will make you regret trying recovery once. Ugh.

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swedegirl said...

Oh no no no, that's scary stuff. Don't ever take that much caffeine at once. Doing that much in so short a time can kill you. I actually went to high school with a kid that had a heart attack from doing that, no joke. We had a class together and that's where it happened, thankfully the teacher recognized right away what was happening and paramedics came, and he somehow lived. It was really scary messed up stuff.