Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fat fat... but less

Sorry for the absence. i got really really sick for a whole week. luckily, i lost a good lot of weight that i'm now trying to keep off. i think was all the extra fluids that i had to drink while sick that just rinsed the sickness out along with some fatness.

i've only been eating twice a day or so in tiny portions. i eat a small bowl of oatmeal and the go do a few hours of something that burns way more calories that i ate. then i come home and have a small healthy dinner. it seems to be working. except the fatigue thing. once i wake up, it's fine, but the getting out of bed part is so hard. i keep waking up at 3pm. i can't blame it on being burnt out after college anymore. now i'm starting to think something is wrong. i hate it. i can't get out of that cycle either. since i wake up late, i stay up even later. i feel super bad about it because i end up missing beautiful days like today, but for a few hours. ugh. at least i got my laundry done.

the weight loss is really noticeable. i like it so much. at training, there's all these mirrors, and i finally looked good doing everything. i feel more flexible too which is a huge plus.

staying strong and thinking thin. enjoy the thinspo, my skinnies!


*Broken* said...

You have a loooot of thinspo xD
I´m glad you got something good of beeing sick. And it looks like you`r feeling better about yourself, so keep it up gourgeos

Swedegirl said...

Low calorie intake can cause the fatigue... however, if this has been going on for quite awhile without getting better or possibly worse - I always recommend people to see a doctor for a possible sleep study. I put off doing so for YEARS as I became slowly worse, and ended up with multiple sleep disorders! I'm still mad thinking of the time I wasted when I could have been given *slightly* easier days sooner with medication...

...which are also great for helping weight loss too, might I add.