Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sick, but thinner....

I'm sick and grumpy. There is this awful fat cow in my kitchen right now and even her voice jiggles. I have no idea how she fucking got into this place but it's really quite sad to watch her try to do anything. The other annoying part of her being in my house is that NO ONE THAT LIVES HERE INVITED HER. The sort of girlfriend (toy) of a housemate brought her here, totally aware that I hate this bitch and don't want to share her company. Ugh. Awful twat. At least she serves as great reverse thinspo, especially on days that manage leotards. She has twat rolls and it's gross and wrong and makes me happy that I'm living on bare minimum of calories.

This place is full of beautiful and thin people, which makes me quite happy. the internet it sparse and expensive, but I love my skinnies too much to abandon you and let you think i'd run away from Ana.

In fact I've done the opposite. My bras don't fit as well because I'm shrinking. My chest bones are a little more visible, my collarbone pops a bit more. My hip bones stick out pleasantly and even my fat flabby thighs are slowing drifting apart.

Stay strong, think thin.

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Becky said...

I am very territorial. I don't know if I could handle a bitchy cow in my house and not kick her out!

You sound absolutely, skelatally perfect <3