Friday, September 08, 2006

this week

has not gone well at all.

i feel huge. my pictures are starting to reflect. i'm injured, again.

at least i'm sore. i got one hell of a workout on wednesday, but i haven't been able to do it again since then. i got to dance a bit tonight, and bike to and from school. i have lose at least 3 pounds in the next week. tomorrow, the nalgene leaves the house with me again. dammitall. i can't feel like this. i want to feel empty. i want it so fucking much. ED readers, send me thinspo, bones, reverse. whathaveyou.

i shouldn't be awake right now, but i've been up all night munching and doing reading. i wish i had thinspo to show off, but i've been too busy to sit in front of a computer for hours looking for a new bony girl to upload to photobucket.

i want a restriction buddy. someone to pounce on me when i'm going to eat something terrible.

tomorrow is for very little food and very much drunk. alcohol has too many calories. i think i'm going to have a 200 cal breakfast and then celery and cucumber snacks until the drinking begins. then as long i avoid the drunk munchies, i'll be well off for a good start on saturday.

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Blob said...

Don't have the alcohol! Do you have to have it? Maybe just one drink, it's so expensive in terms of calories, and hinders fat you really wanna drink that? A cup full of calories?