Saturday, July 18, 2009

home again home again

I got home from the Europe trip yesterday. Somehow, I lost size. My dickies shorts fit loosely again, a feat unheard of in the past year. i can see more bones in my chest with minimal movement and with right posture, the two points of my collarbone are visible again.

it's great see so much progress once more. alas, there were some horrible monetary losses in europe and i had to spend today selling some of my benchmark jeans to make a few dollars back. it's okay though. i kept my dear favorites. they weren't that functional even when i was thin enough to wear them.

back at home, it's too hot to eat... just like it was in europe. i'm in an uncomfortable but wonderful haven of satisfying ana.

there will be thinspo later when blogger is less sucky.


pokerface said...

where were you in europe? i'm leaving for a trip this thursday :) any tips?

Me said...


I am glad you are back and thinner!!! :)

Me... I gained some weight during my exam period in June... so now I need to lose it!!

I try to be all day long out of house, not to eat anything.. and I do biking every day.

I would appreciate your support :)
here you have my email, as you asked me: