Thursday, June 18, 2009

pain, bones, still fat

Not much time to post but thought i should update for a minute.

I can see more bones, but my thighs still touch. I leave for europe in a week and still feel like i need to lose another million pounds. my hipbones peak out almost all the time now. my shoulders and back have returned to their sinewy state of near ideal that it makes up for my thighs and stomach. i've stepped up my training a lot in the past two weeks. I'm in constant pain. Like moving my arms hurts kind of pain. In about an hour, I have to leave for a private lesson. All I want is a nap.

more thinspo later. stay strong. think thin!


Me said...

Hi there!!

I`ve been isolated for the past month.. and will be till the end of this one.
I have lot of exams to prepare and do.... :(

I havent done great regarding food :(... maybe it is because of the exam stress....but no excuse is valid..´I should be stronger, just líke you

I am´very happy for your progress. I am´sure you look´great know.

my personal email is:

hope to talk´to you after my exams!!


Me said...

Hw are you??

I´ve been really busy this month doing my Uni exams.. that´s why I´ve been away.

I am really happy for you!! you have progress a lot!!!
I finish my exams this Saturday.. so from then on I want to focus on lossing weight...Can you give me some advices?
I will try to do your exercise routine... as I will be in vacation I will have plenty of time :).

My email is:

Hope to hear from you soon!!


Fat Bastard said...

Perfection is an illusion. I cannot exist. You are fine without. Perfection is a fool's errand. Perfection stifles creativity.

I write songs none of which are perfect but they are beautiful because of their flaws.

CHeck out my blog and if you read beteween the lines you will see that you are already close enought to perfect.

Look around you at all the truely fat women be assured that in the eyes of everyone who sees you, you indeed are better than them.

You don't have to do this anymore. life is short have fun and feel good.