Monday, June 08, 2009

trim this.

i'm always so tired these days. i forgot to take my ripped fuel today so i missed out on that energy and hiked metabolism. i looked pretty good in my tights and shorts at training today. i didn't make it to the gym prior so i forced myself to bike the handful of miles there and back. i am ready for sleep. think thin my skinnies.

oh. food for today.

breakfast: 1 lo carb tortilla w/ 1/4 cup fake cheese, tomato, sprouts

moments ago: 1 Cup lettuce. 1/2 tomato. 1/4 Cup tunafish mix (made w/ vegan sour cream instead of mayo)

that's about it. if i go to sleep now, i won't eat anything else, but i promised myself stretching and housecleaning. dammit.

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heather[hunger] said...

i love the last picture.
i love your blog!! you're so inspirational!!