Monday, September 28, 2009

muscle bound freak

Sorry it's been so long lovelies. I'm currently wallowing a fairly mucky pool of despair. My trainer put me on a scale. I weigh 130+lbs. I'm 5'6". Size 4-6 depending on the day. My hipbones stick out. My collarbone has never looked better. What this means now is that I am a bonafide muscle-bound freak.

I'm worried about my body fat ratio at the moment because my period skipped. No spotting, no nothing. Every expensive little stick I pee on keeps shouting back "Not Pregnant". So... what do I do?

I've been noticing greater control in my life and all of it's requisite symptoms. Lethargy, constant pain, easy bruising. Since I'm also a reckless freak, I've now injured myself twice in the same week, both foot injuries that involve raucous bruising and difficult walking. The less cardio I can get to burn calories, the more I have to restrict, hence my starving little life right now. I hope I can pedal my bike, otherwise today will suck extra.

One day soon, I will take a photoshoot that I'm happy about and actually sneak some image of myself into the thinspo. Speaking of thinspo, sorry there isn't more. I'm just short on time these days. Stay strong darlings. Think thin.

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2BThinAgain said...

sorry to hear about the muscle mass. I know it's an odd thing to say, but muscles fk up everything and they are so hard to get rid of. Sure, I need a few to move around, but these bulky track-calves make my boots too tight and my jeans too fitted. :[

Stay Strong.
Stay Skinny.