Monday, March 29, 2010

my fatness, soon available overseas

Sigh. The boy is away for a few days, so I get to starve and train like I should. After the last post, we made nice and all is well and cute and lovely. And now he's off on the road. So here I am to write thinspo posts while feeling fat. Huzzah. Still no word on whether or not I've placed in that transformation challenge thing, but I've been training hard, almost every day. It feels like I don't do enough though. There aren't any results that i find pleasant. My legs are still giant and my hipbones don't stick out enough. My back gets bruises from the floor though, so i guess i'm doing a little better. sigh. i just want to be thin and beautiful.

and soon, i'll get convert my pounds to stones and my dollars to pounds, as it looks like i'm europe bound for studies in september.


Ana said...

The girl on the stairs, who lost her shoe - she looks so graceful! And the girl on the runway in the gray sweater, I LOVE that sweater :] And CONGRATS on going to the UK!!

lulu said...

i found ur blog days ago and since then i read ALL your post :D
ur thinspiration are amazing and so much...they stop me eating
pls pls pls dont stop and go on postin more often :D
in love ur blog its the best i ever seen (:

take care lulu

Sago said...

Thanks for the thinspo! love it.

Sago said...

thanks for the wonderful thinspo! your blog is something special.

Tranchedethaï said...

i've been following your blog since a while now.
i'd live to be one of your thinspo :D

There's my blog :