Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the illusion of success

I thought I was doing so well. My bones felt sharper. I bruised more easily. But no. I bought a scale. Sure I'm weighing myself midday post meals and workouts and stuff, but still, we are not doing well. We are terrible and fat and awful and made of failure that can only be fixed by diligent starvation. I weighed in at an appalling 125lbs. I have gained nearly 2 pounds. But I've been netting in the negative for weeks now. Headdesk. I hate everything. Mostly myself.


Anonymous said...

We've all been there. Thinking it's going really great and then suddenly reality hits you by showing you a number on the scale or a picture of your huge body.
Don't give up, you'll get there! ♥

pursuit_of_happiness said...

maybe its just something else. just keep what youre doing and see in a week. i know how you feel tho. i stopped weighing myself cause it was too much for me