Monday, October 15, 2012


Wow. I've been gone forever. Well, I'm back now and I really ought to be posting regularly again. I have a huge backlog of thinspo and even some personals updates.

I'm back stateside now. Missing the boy like mad. I've also decided that I no longer take public transit if I can avoid it, so I bicycle everywhere. I've been training up to six days/week, but not enough hours every day. I will make up for it over the winter tho.

No numbers updates until I make enough money get a new scale. I kinda destroyed my good scale (and I couldn't take it with me anyway) in the name of art. Right after I got back, I got weighed at Planned Parenthood and they told me 128lbs, which kinda makes sense. I wasn't really doing anything but living on couches and eating after a summer of lazing about. So, here's to hoping we're inching down under the 120 mark, or hovering around 125 due to increased muscle from all the biking. Amusingly, I've got a few pairs of jeans that fit better now than when I was last seriously thin. Size 27 Joe's are too big in the waist, as are size 27 Antik denim (and those don't have ANY stretch, like at all).

I've eaten way too much today as well, but oh well. Tomorrow's gonna burn it all off, plus I have an entire that I can pretty much fast through on my way up north after that. It's gonna work out and off. I can feel it.

And now! THINSPO! I can't believe I left you all without thinspo for so long. I'm hiding in the mix! None of you even complained! And, HOMEWORK: 200 situps, 200 jacks, any order, any situp.

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WinterA said...

At the moment I am choosing not to use my scale. I am hoping this means I will stick to my eating habits and work out plan. I am hoping to see 10-15lbs off my frame the next time I get on the scale.

I need to buy a new one but I know I am lucky just to have one. Even though it is a piece of crap. I hope you got a new one now.