Wednesday, November 01, 2006

less of me

my belt went back to the second to last notch today. a lovely thing. i have a headache. my five day cleanse regimen ended today, so now on to the immunity pills. So far i've weighed in pretty well every morning. Down to 123.4 today. Maybe less tomorrow. We'll see. I think I will try to survive tomorrow on as few solid foods as I can. 2-3L water are a must. Then Skinny water and diet Coke or Diet Snapple. Then juices and maybe some fruit. Tomorrow will my battle against the bread craving. Just drink water. Hot water if you're hungry. Cold water all the time. Cigarettes before juice. Water after smokes. Diet Coke before Snapple. Skinny water before fruit.

diet water. i must be wrong in the head somehow. i guess we'll see if it works.

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Anonymous said...

what is skinny water.

Love your blog.

Have been reading since you started it.