Saturday, June 02, 2007

step away from the food

i've been living on mixed nuts for the past few days. i would feel better about that if it had involved fewer nuts. whatever. my legs hurts, but i'm learning to dance better on my right leg now. my right hand is still pissed and i can't put it all the way on the ground, so any gymnastics motivation goes out the window. after this post, i'm going for a walk. in pjs, not shorts, because my leg is still a mangled looking mess. the walk is for bandaids and diet coke. mebbe i'll nab some more dietpills and a round of system cleanser. sigh. and flavored water.

oh yeah.... pardon the lolcat. it was on my desktop too.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, just wanna let u know that i'm still reading and still with u (not physically, i cant of cos) but yeah, u have my support.

go you!! u can do it!!

btw, i've linked ya ;)


J00kst3r said...

I love the "motivational poster" templates. I had to save that one too. *lol*