Tuesday, June 19, 2007

wasted flesh

i am so huge. so fucking large, it's not even funny. i woke up in tears today. because i'm that fat. soon, i will take all my meds and my diet pills and go to the gym. for longer today, dammit.

so here is how gross i am this morning. i woke up to half an avocado and a twix. ew ew ew. i'm not eating today unless it's celery or water. tomorrow starts my diet of eating only tuna, lettuce, and tomatoes. well, maybe if i really earn it, i'll do that tonight.

at least i'm sore. that means something is working. pain is fat leaving the body. i'm up early enough that i can really kick my ass into shape. i have to run for that full hour today. i have to do all 400 situps today. i have to stretch and dance and do handstand pushups. i to drink water. i have to be thin again. sigh. tear.

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