Tuesday, September 18, 2007

sofa king fat

i have more thinspo right now than i know what to do with. there will be couple days of really current model posts. i'm mostly staying within my "burn more than i eat" calorie restrictions. i've tacked on some new workouts to the hard pilates one. i'm going to add weights to the pilates one as well. i might just start wearing my ankle weights all the time again, now i that i think of it. i've just been so fucking tired over the past few days that it's hard to anything... even eat. that one's nice. i finally found an energy drink that actually kills my appetite for a few hours. it's called Kronik (low carb). it has 10 or 20 calories per 16oz can. not so so bad, especially when one considers the calories that it's saving me from eating. i'm really hoping that i look a little thinner by the time my boyfriend gets up here. it will feel rewarding to hear that kind of condescending "you look... better" again.

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