Wednesday, September 26, 2007

calories, self worth, proportional issues

ugh. i'm really tired. it's week four of this pilates routine and about once a day i catch myself feeling a little better about myself. but then night rolls around and when i have to go to bed, i see my thighs and stomach and arms and choke back tears. i really hate this. i did mostly well today. tomorrow and thursday are for really heavy restrictions. no protein shake for me tomorrow. just an energy drink. then a salad for lunch and massive exercise. then another salad for dinner. i've gotten pretty good about holding to that regimen. i don't really screw it up too much either. oh well. my pursuit of perfection isn't ending here, that's for damn sure. i will be under 120 before my boyfriend's birthday. i can do it. well, under 120 or a size 4. whichever comes first, that will be goal achieved. size will meet weight at some point.


J00kst3r said...

Oh, damn... That one model needs eyebrows. Or, ah...SOMEthing.

Best of luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

love your blog...your thinspo keeps me going